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Monday, October 24, 2011

Lebanon Missouri Meeting

Starting this Thursday, October 27th we now have a meeting in Lebanon, MO at 5:30p.m. Thursday evenings at Emeral Park Club House, just .5 miles off 32 hwy not far from Lowes & Wal Mart. I am soooo excited. Pass the word if you know people in the area.

Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Carrot cake cupcakes (2 points+ per cupcake with icing)
Makes 27 muffins

Spice cake mix
15oz can pumpkin
2 egg whites
3/4 c water
1 apple shredded
1 c shredded carrots

I think coconut, pineapple, raisins or craisins would also be good additions, but would probably change point value
Combine cake mix, pumpkin, egg whites & water
Mix on low 30 seconds to moisten
Beat on med 2 min
Stir in carrots & apples

4 tbsp low fat cream cheese
4 tbsp powdered sugar
1/4 - 1/2 tes vanilla
approx 3/4 tes for each cupcake

Enjoy :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Roasted Brisket

Roasted Brisket

PointsPlus® Value: 7
Servings: 8
Preparation Time: 15 min
Cooking Time: 180 min
Level of Difficulty: Easy

1 large onion(s), sliced
2 clove(s) (medium) garlic clove(s), minced
1 pound(s) baby carrots
5 oz mushroom(s), sliced (about 2 to 2 1/2 cups)
2 1/2 pound(s) raw lean beef brisket, trimmed
28 oz canned crushed tomatoes
1 tsp paprika
3/4 tsp table salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
1/4 tsp crushed red pepper flakes
2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
2 Tbsp sugar

Preheat oven to 325ºF.
Spread onion slices and garlic on bottom of a nonstick roasting pan; top with carrots and mushrooms. Arrange beef over vegetables.
In a mixing bowl, combine tomatoes, paprika, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, lemon juice and sugar; stir to dissolve sugar.
Pour tomato mixture over brisket and vegetables; tightly cover with a sheet of heavy-duty aluminum foil. Roast for 2 hours and then remove from oven; uncover, stir and use pan juices to baste meat. Return brisket to oven and roast for about 1 hour more, uncovered, basting every 15 minutes.
Remove pan from oven and let stand for 10 minutes before slicing into 1/4-inch-thick pieces. Serve meat and vegetables with sauce spooned over top. Yields about 3 ounces of beef plus 3/4 cup of vegetables and sauce per serving.
For added color and flavor, substitute a cup of frozen green or red bell pepper strips for half of the mushrooms.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lebanon, Missouri Meeting!!!

Wednesday October 19th at 5:30 p.m. we will be doing an information meeting in Lebanon at the Emberald Gate Clubhouse. It is located just off Hwy 32. Turn on Tower road .5 miles to the corner of Emerald and Tower (just down from the St Johns Hospital.) about a mile from Lowes and Wal Mart. We hope we have enough interest so we can begin regular meetings on Wednesday October 26th. This will be Regular meetings just like in Springfield and the surrounding areas. Tell your friends, the request have been coming in so we hope to deliver. Thanks hope to see you there...Have A Happy Day. Hugs, Vickie

Cowboy Chili 1 Cup = 4ptplus

Brown 1 lb of gournd turkey, drain. Add to pot. Dump in 2 cans of pinto beans, 2 cans of Northern White beans 1 can of rotell tomatoes, 1 can of mixed vegetables. Heat until done.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Restaurant Information

Steak & Honey BBQ ChickCombo-13.5
Baked Potato-10
Garlic Mashed Potatoes-9
Small Caesar Salad-3
House Salad-6.5
Tomato Basil Soup-7
Chili (Bowl)-14
Chick Noodle Soup (Bowl)-4
WW GarlicHerb Chick (w/sides)-9.5
Grilled Dijon Chicken & Porto-13
Asiago Pepperc Steak(w/sides)-10
WW Paradise Chick Salad-9
House Sirloin 7 oz.-6.5
Asian Crunch Salad-13
Grilled Chicken Caesar,Reg-22
WW Italian Chick/Porto San w/ fruit-8.5
Chicken Wonton Tacos-16 Trios-11.5
Spinach Artichoke Dip-16

Backyard Burgers
American Cheeseburger, Jr.-16
Blackened Chicken Sandwich-15
Grilled Chicken Sandwich-9
Garden Veggie Burger-11
Garden Fresh Salad-3
Grilled Chicken Salad-6
Hawaiian chicken Sandwich-12

Burger King
WHOPPER JR.w/Cheese (w/o Mayo)-9
GRILL Chicken Sandwich-9.5
Spicy CRISP ChickSand(w/o Sauce)-12.5
VEGGIE Burger (no mayo/cheese)-8
French Fries (small)-9.5
Garden Salad-2 w/ chick-6
Garlic Parm Croutons-2
Straw/Choc Milk Shakes (kid's)-8.5
Tacos (2)-9
Chili (7.6 oz)-4 Crackers (packet)-1
Cheddar, Shredded-2.5
Caramel Sauce-1.5
Fat Free Ranch Dres or BBQ sauce-1.5

Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich-7.5
Nuggets 6 Oz-10.5
grilled Chicken Cool Wrap-11
Chicken Caesar Cool Wrap -12
Spicy Chicken Cool Wrap-11
griled & Fruit Salad- 6
grilled Chicken Garden Sal-4.5
Garlic And Butter Croutons -2
Harvest Nut Granola -2
HoneySunflower Kernels-2.5
Southwest grilled Salad -6.5
Tortilla Strips – 2
Light Italian Dressing -0.5
Reduced Fat Berry Balsamic Vin-2
BBQ Sauce -1 Honey BBQ-2
Fruit Cup - 3
Chicken Soup - 6
Side Salad 4 Oz-2
Yogurt Parfait 7.50 Oz-6.5
YParfait W/ Choc Cookie Crumbs-7
YP W\ Granola-13

Spinach &Art Dip w/ Chips-44
Caribbean Salad w/ Grill Chick-16.5
Chicken Caesar Salad- 18.5
House Salad No Dressing- 5
Cobb Salad - 19
Chili w/ Tops [Bowl-9.5]cup5
Sweet Corn [Bowl-13] cup 6.5
Classic Sirloin - 10.5
Pals Cheese Quesadil 12.5
Pals Grilled Chicken Platter-4
Pals Side Corn Cob-4.5
Dress, Citrus Balsamic Vina-7.5
Dress, Low Fat Ranch-1.5
Homestyle Fries-10
Honey Chipotle Sauce -4
Loaded Mashed Potatoes-10.5
Mashed Potat w/ Gravy- 7.5
Seasonal Veggies-2.5
Sour Cream-2
Sweet Corn on Cob w/ Butter-6
ButterBurger Single-9.5 , 11.5
Veggie Burger -12
Roasted Chicken Sand -8.5
Turkey, Stacked, Sandwich - 12.5
Green Beans -3.5
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy - 3.5
Cashew salad w/ Roast ch- 11.5
Classic Casar w/ Roast ch- 8.5
Garden Fresco- 6
Raspberry Vin, Red Cal- 1.5
Chicken Noodle- 3
George's Chili-9
Lumberjack Mixed Veg- 4
Turkey Noodle-4.5
Tomato Basil Ravioletti-3.5
Tomato Florentine-3
Chocolate, Dish, 1 Scoop - 8
Almond - 2.5

Dairy Queen
Original Burger -9
Grilled Chicken Sand-10
Grilled Chicken Salad- 7
Choc Soft Serve [1/2 Cup] -4.5
Small Choc Sundae- 8
Small Oreo Blizzard -15.5

Domino's Pizza
for Entire Pizza S, M, L
Hand Tossed Crust-22, 28.5, 38.5
Thin Crust-13.5, 18, 25
Pepperoni -4.5, 6.5, 9
Pineapple -1.5, 2, 3
Breadsticks entire order-24
Cinna Stix entire order-26

Einstein Bros. Bagels
Thin Plain Bagel - 3.5
Cinnamon Sugar bagel-8.5
Gar Veg RF Cream Cheese -3.5
Honey Almond RF Cream Ch-4
Plain RF Cream Cheese -3
Fruit Cup-2 Salad -4
Activia Fruit/Yogurt Parfait-6.5
Veg Out Ses Seed Bagel -11.5
Turkey Bagel Thin -7.5
Cheese pizza bagel- 11.5
Chick Noodle (Cup) 3 bowl 4.5
Turkey Chili cup 4.5 Bowl -7
Iced Sugar Cookie-12.5

Spaghetti w Marinara-14
Ravioli with Marinara - 13
Ravioli w Meat Sauce- 15
Pepperoni pizza Slice-8
Garlic Breadstick - 4.5
Grilled ChickArtichoke salad 4.5
Fat Free Italian - 1
Lite Ranch - 3.5
kids Spaghetti with Marinara-5.5
kids Spaghetti w Meat Sauce- 6.5
kids Spaghetti w Meatballs-8
kids Fettuccine Alfred- 7.5
kids Meat Lasagna - 7
kids Ravioli w Marinara-6.5

Godfather's Pizza
Cheese 1/6 S-6.5, 1/8M-6.5
thinM-4.5, 1/10L-7.5, thinL-5.5
Pepperoni 1/6 S-7, 1/8M-7.5
thinM-5.5, 1/10L-8.5, thinL-6.5

3 chicken strips=10
BBQ Chick Sand=9
Small Fry=9

Pickle Fries=7 (w/sauce=15)
Tao’s Chip TurkWrap=12
Lettuce Wraps=14
Chicken skewers-6
Mini spaghetti=10
Mini filet mignon=13
GrillRose Chick=18 (w/g bean n m pot)
Spaghetti Squash=8
Roasted Carrots=2
French Green Beans=3
Ranch 2 Tbsp=3
American Fries=7

Jimmy John's
Turkey Tom- 13.5
Slim Turkey breast-10
Regular/BBQ Chips [1 bag]- 4.5
Skinny Chips [1 bag]-3.5
Hunter's Club Unwich-13

Panera Bread
Choc Chip Bagel 10
Cin Crunch bagel 11.5
Plain-C Cheese[1oz]-3
RFat Plain [1 oz] -2
Pumpkin Muffie -8
Strawberry Granola Parfait-8.5
1/2 Tomato & Mozzarella on Ciabatta- 10.5
1/2 Bacon Turk Bravo on Tomato Bas- 10.5
1/2 Chicken Caesar on 3 Cheese -10
1/2 Chipotle Chick on Artisan- 11.5
Full Smoked Turk Breast on Country - 11
Chili - Small cup7
Low-FChicken Noodle [cup] 3
Low-Fat Veg Black Bean[cup]-3
Creamy Tomato [cup]- 8.5
FAsian Sesame ChickSal -11.5
FBBQ Chopped ChickSal- 13.5
FCaesar Sal-11
FClassic CaféSal-5
Fruit Cup -2
FApple w/ ChickSal-14.5
FChop Chick Cobb 14
FRFat Balsamic Vinaigrette-4
F Caesar Dressing-4.5
F Light Buttermilk Ranch -2.5
Full White BalsApple Vin -4.5
Kids Deli Sandwich – Turkey-8

Papa John's Pizza
Cheese -5/6/7.5/8
Breadsticks [2] 8
Garlic [1 tub] 4.5
Cheese Sauce [1 tub]- 1.5

Turkey on Wheat with cheese and mayo-13

Pizza Hut
M Hand-Tos Cheese -6
6” pers. Pan Cheese -16
Cinnamon Sticks [2] 5
White Icing Dip[2 oz] 5

Sm Turk Ranch Swis-7
Turk Ranc & Swis Dressing2.5
Oven-Roasted Turkey, Half -7
Oven-Roasted Turkey Dressing-5.5
Turkey Club bullet- 8.5
Smoky Chipotle Turkey sammy 5.5
Smoky Chipotle Turkey Dressing 4
Chicken Caesar-3.5
Raspberry Vin Chick salad-5.5
Raspberry VinDressing5.5
Chicken Noodle [Cup] 1.5
Chili [Cup]-3.5
Crackers, served w/ soup-1.5
Small Cobb Salad - 2
Small Chicken Caesar -1.5
small Ras Vin Chick salad-2
Raspberry Vin Dress- 4
Flatbread, served w small salad-2.5
Kids Turkey & Cheese 7
Kidz Cheesy Cheese Pizza - 4.5

Red Lobster
Caesar Salad – Chicken-18.5
Maple-Glazed Chicken-15
Cheddar Bay Biscuit [1] 4.5
Garden Salad2.5
Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing2.5
FF Ranch Dressing -1.5
Coleslaw -6
Fresh Broccoli -1.5
Mashed Potatoes- 6
Baked Potato-6
Baked P Butter-3
Baked P Sour Cream-1
Fresh Asparagus-2
Maple-Glazed Chick lunch-11
Kids Grilled Chicken-5.5

Rib Crib
Corn on Cob=4
BBQ Sandwich=10

Chipotle Chick Sand (small)=10
BBQ Baked Lays=4

Sonic Drive-In
Jr. Burger-8.5
Corn Dog-6
Chick Strip(2) -5.5
Jr. Gril Chick WrapBBQ-7.5
Grill Chick Salad-8
Santa Fe ChickSalad- 9.5
Light Ranch Dress-3.5
FF Golden Italian- 1.5
Tacos -9.5
Diet CokeFloat – Reg-6
Hot Fudge Sundae -12

RF Turk Baconw/ Egg whiteMuffin-8
Perfect Oatmeal-3
w/dried fruit-6
Fruit Blend-0
Ch/str/blu yogurt parfait-8
Farmer’s market salad-6
Roasted veg Panini-9

6 inch Turkey=7
Oven Crisp Chic w/ch=11
Cheese=1 per slice
Lite mayo 1=1
Apple Crisps-1

TGI Friday’s
Spinach & Art Dip- 2 tbsp=1
Green Bean Fries-17=5
Italian Wedge Salad=3
Strawb Fields Salad W/Chick=6
MediterChick Salad=11
Cheeseburger Slider=6
JD Gril Chick (2, potatoes,veg)=13
Dragonfire Chicken=11
Petite Sirloin=12

Berry Almond Chix Sald-8
(w/ cheese & 1 dressing)
BLT Cobb Salad - 12
SpicChickCaesar Sal-12
LemGarCaesar Dres-3.5
Light Ranch Dress -1.5
Italian Vinaigrette- 2
FF Ranch Dress- 1
Mandarin Cup-2.5
SCream/Chives BakPot - 8
ButterSpread - 1.5
Small Chili -5.5
Small Fries-8.5
4 ChickNuggets - 5
Jr. Hamburger-6
Chicken Grill Sandwich-9.5
Homestyle Chick Go Wrap-9
Ultimate Chick Grill Fillet-3.5
Chocolate Frosty Small -8.5
Seasonal Fresh Fruit -1.5

White Castle
Cheeseburger -4
Sweet Pot Fries-11.5
Cinnamon Sauce-3.5

Another Food List

Bird’s Eye Singles-2
Boca Burger=2
Cheese=FF-1 2%-2
Corn on Cob-2to4 (8w/butter)
Cotton Candy=5
Kashi bar=3
Lifesaver’s 1=0 5=1 14=3
Mandarin Chix Salad at BNC-6?
Miracle Whip 2 Tbsp=2
EV Olive Oil 1 Tsp=1
Pasta (WWheat Spag)1 cup=4
Potato Salad ½ cup-8
Rice (white)1 cup=5
Sam’s Club Teriyaki 3 oz=3
Sam’s Club General Tso’s 5 oz=9
Syrup (sugar Free) ¼ cup=1
Teriyaki Sauce=0
Vita Muffin=3