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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Restaurant Information

Steak & Honey BBQ ChickCombo-13.5
Baked Potato-10
Garlic Mashed Potatoes-9
Small Caesar Salad-3
House Salad-6.5
Tomato Basil Soup-7
Chili (Bowl)-14
Chick Noodle Soup (Bowl)-4
WW GarlicHerb Chick (w/sides)-9.5
Grilled Dijon Chicken & Porto-13
Asiago Pepperc Steak(w/sides)-10
WW Paradise Chick Salad-9
House Sirloin 7 oz.-6.5
Asian Crunch Salad-13
Grilled Chicken Caesar,Reg-22
WW Italian Chick/Porto San w/ fruit-8.5
Chicken Wonton Tacos-16 Trios-11.5
Spinach Artichoke Dip-16

Backyard Burgers
American Cheeseburger, Jr.-16
Blackened Chicken Sandwich-15
Grilled Chicken Sandwich-9
Garden Veggie Burger-11
Garden Fresh Salad-3
Grilled Chicken Salad-6
Hawaiian chicken Sandwich-12

Burger King
WHOPPER JR.w/Cheese (w/o Mayo)-9
GRILL Chicken Sandwich-9.5
Spicy CRISP ChickSand(w/o Sauce)-12.5
VEGGIE Burger (no mayo/cheese)-8
French Fries (small)-9.5
Garden Salad-2 w/ chick-6
Garlic Parm Croutons-2
Straw/Choc Milk Shakes (kid's)-8.5
Tacos (2)-9
Chili (7.6 oz)-4 Crackers (packet)-1
Cheddar, Shredded-2.5
Caramel Sauce-1.5
Fat Free Ranch Dres or BBQ sauce-1.5

Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich-7.5
Nuggets 6 Oz-10.5
grilled Chicken Cool Wrap-11
Chicken Caesar Cool Wrap -12
Spicy Chicken Cool Wrap-11
griled & Fruit Salad- 6
grilled Chicken Garden Sal-4.5
Garlic And Butter Croutons -2
Harvest Nut Granola -2
HoneySunflower Kernels-2.5
Southwest grilled Salad -6.5
Tortilla Strips – 2
Light Italian Dressing -0.5
Reduced Fat Berry Balsamic Vin-2
BBQ Sauce -1 Honey BBQ-2
Fruit Cup - 3
Chicken Soup - 6
Side Salad 4 Oz-2
Yogurt Parfait 7.50 Oz-6.5
YParfait W/ Choc Cookie Crumbs-7
YP W\ Granola-13

Spinach &Art Dip w/ Chips-44
Caribbean Salad w/ Grill Chick-16.5
Chicken Caesar Salad- 18.5
House Salad No Dressing- 5
Cobb Salad - 19
Chili w/ Tops [Bowl-9.5]cup5
Sweet Corn [Bowl-13] cup 6.5
Classic Sirloin - 10.5
Pals Cheese Quesadil 12.5
Pals Grilled Chicken Platter-4
Pals Side Corn Cob-4.5
Dress, Citrus Balsamic Vina-7.5
Dress, Low Fat Ranch-1.5
Homestyle Fries-10
Honey Chipotle Sauce -4
Loaded Mashed Potatoes-10.5
Mashed Potat w/ Gravy- 7.5
Seasonal Veggies-2.5
Sour Cream-2
Sweet Corn on Cob w/ Butter-6
ButterBurger Single-9.5 , 11.5
Veggie Burger -12
Roasted Chicken Sand -8.5
Turkey, Stacked, Sandwich - 12.5
Green Beans -3.5
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy - 3.5
Cashew salad w/ Roast ch- 11.5
Classic Casar w/ Roast ch- 8.5
Garden Fresco- 6
Raspberry Vin, Red Cal- 1.5
Chicken Noodle- 3
George's Chili-9
Lumberjack Mixed Veg- 4
Turkey Noodle-4.5
Tomato Basil Ravioletti-3.5
Tomato Florentine-3
Chocolate, Dish, 1 Scoop - 8
Almond - 2.5

Dairy Queen
Original Burger -9
Grilled Chicken Sand-10
Grilled Chicken Salad- 7
Choc Soft Serve [1/2 Cup] -4.5
Small Choc Sundae- 8
Small Oreo Blizzard -15.5

Domino's Pizza
for Entire Pizza S, M, L
Hand Tossed Crust-22, 28.5, 38.5
Thin Crust-13.5, 18, 25
Pepperoni -4.5, 6.5, 9
Pineapple -1.5, 2, 3
Breadsticks entire order-24
Cinna Stix entire order-26

Einstein Bros. Bagels
Thin Plain Bagel - 3.5
Cinnamon Sugar bagel-8.5
Gar Veg RF Cream Cheese -3.5
Honey Almond RF Cream Ch-4
Plain RF Cream Cheese -3
Fruit Cup-2 Salad -4
Activia Fruit/Yogurt Parfait-6.5
Veg Out Ses Seed Bagel -11.5
Turkey Bagel Thin -7.5
Cheese pizza bagel- 11.5
Chick Noodle (Cup) 3 bowl 4.5
Turkey Chili cup 4.5 Bowl -7
Iced Sugar Cookie-12.5

Spaghetti w Marinara-14
Ravioli with Marinara - 13
Ravioli w Meat Sauce- 15
Pepperoni pizza Slice-8
Garlic Breadstick - 4.5
Grilled ChickArtichoke salad 4.5
Fat Free Italian - 1
Lite Ranch - 3.5
kids Spaghetti with Marinara-5.5
kids Spaghetti w Meat Sauce- 6.5
kids Spaghetti w Meatballs-8
kids Fettuccine Alfred- 7.5
kids Meat Lasagna - 7
kids Ravioli w Marinara-6.5

Godfather's Pizza
Cheese 1/6 S-6.5, 1/8M-6.5
thinM-4.5, 1/10L-7.5, thinL-5.5
Pepperoni 1/6 S-7, 1/8M-7.5
thinM-5.5, 1/10L-8.5, thinL-6.5

3 chicken strips=10
BBQ Chick Sand=9
Small Fry=9

Pickle Fries=7 (w/sauce=15)
Tao’s Chip TurkWrap=12
Lettuce Wraps=14
Chicken skewers-6
Mini spaghetti=10
Mini filet mignon=13
GrillRose Chick=18 (w/g bean n m pot)
Spaghetti Squash=8
Roasted Carrots=2
French Green Beans=3
Ranch 2 Tbsp=3
American Fries=7

Jimmy John's
Turkey Tom- 13.5
Slim Turkey breast-10
Regular/BBQ Chips [1 bag]- 4.5
Skinny Chips [1 bag]-3.5
Hunter's Club Unwich-13

Panera Bread
Choc Chip Bagel 10
Cin Crunch bagel 11.5
Plain-C Cheese[1oz]-3
RFat Plain [1 oz] -2
Pumpkin Muffie -8
Strawberry Granola Parfait-8.5
1/2 Tomato & Mozzarella on Ciabatta- 10.5
1/2 Bacon Turk Bravo on Tomato Bas- 10.5
1/2 Chicken Caesar on 3 Cheese -10
1/2 Chipotle Chick on Artisan- 11.5
Full Smoked Turk Breast on Country - 11
Chili - Small cup7
Low-FChicken Noodle [cup] 3
Low-Fat Veg Black Bean[cup]-3
Creamy Tomato [cup]- 8.5
FAsian Sesame ChickSal -11.5
FBBQ Chopped ChickSal- 13.5
FCaesar Sal-11
FClassic CaféSal-5
Fruit Cup -2
FApple w/ ChickSal-14.5
FChop Chick Cobb 14
FRFat Balsamic Vinaigrette-4
F Caesar Dressing-4.5
F Light Buttermilk Ranch -2.5
Full White BalsApple Vin -4.5
Kids Deli Sandwich – Turkey-8

Papa John's Pizza
Cheese -5/6/7.5/8
Breadsticks [2] 8
Garlic [1 tub] 4.5
Cheese Sauce [1 tub]- 1.5

Turkey on Wheat with cheese and mayo-13

Pizza Hut
M Hand-Tos Cheese -6
6” pers. Pan Cheese -16
Cinnamon Sticks [2] 5
White Icing Dip[2 oz] 5

Sm Turk Ranch Swis-7
Turk Ranc & Swis Dressing2.5
Oven-Roasted Turkey, Half -7
Oven-Roasted Turkey Dressing-5.5
Turkey Club bullet- 8.5
Smoky Chipotle Turkey sammy 5.5
Smoky Chipotle Turkey Dressing 4
Chicken Caesar-3.5
Raspberry Vin Chick salad-5.5
Raspberry VinDressing5.5
Chicken Noodle [Cup] 1.5
Chili [Cup]-3.5
Crackers, served w/ soup-1.5
Small Cobb Salad - 2
Small Chicken Caesar -1.5
small Ras Vin Chick salad-2
Raspberry Vin Dress- 4
Flatbread, served w small salad-2.5
Kids Turkey & Cheese 7
Kidz Cheesy Cheese Pizza - 4.5

Red Lobster
Caesar Salad – Chicken-18.5
Maple-Glazed Chicken-15
Cheddar Bay Biscuit [1] 4.5
Garden Salad2.5
Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing2.5
FF Ranch Dressing -1.5
Coleslaw -6
Fresh Broccoli -1.5
Mashed Potatoes- 6
Baked Potato-6
Baked P Butter-3
Baked P Sour Cream-1
Fresh Asparagus-2
Maple-Glazed Chick lunch-11
Kids Grilled Chicken-5.5

Rib Crib
Corn on Cob=4
BBQ Sandwich=10

Chipotle Chick Sand (small)=10
BBQ Baked Lays=4

Sonic Drive-In
Jr. Burger-8.5
Corn Dog-6
Chick Strip(2) -5.5
Jr. Gril Chick WrapBBQ-7.5
Grill Chick Salad-8
Santa Fe ChickSalad- 9.5
Light Ranch Dress-3.5
FF Golden Italian- 1.5
Tacos -9.5
Diet CokeFloat – Reg-6
Hot Fudge Sundae -12

RF Turk Baconw/ Egg whiteMuffin-8
Perfect Oatmeal-3
w/dried fruit-6
Fruit Blend-0
Ch/str/blu yogurt parfait-8
Farmer’s market salad-6
Roasted veg Panini-9

6 inch Turkey=7
Oven Crisp Chic w/ch=11
Cheese=1 per slice
Lite mayo 1=1
Apple Crisps-1

TGI Friday’s
Spinach & Art Dip- 2 tbsp=1
Green Bean Fries-17=5
Italian Wedge Salad=3
Strawb Fields Salad W/Chick=6
MediterChick Salad=11
Cheeseburger Slider=6
JD Gril Chick (2, potatoes,veg)=13
Dragonfire Chicken=11
Petite Sirloin=12

Berry Almond Chix Sald-8
(w/ cheese & 1 dressing)
BLT Cobb Salad - 12
SpicChickCaesar Sal-12
LemGarCaesar Dres-3.5
Light Ranch Dress -1.5
Italian Vinaigrette- 2
FF Ranch Dress- 1
Mandarin Cup-2.5
SCream/Chives BakPot - 8
ButterSpread - 1.5
Small Chili -5.5
Small Fries-8.5
4 ChickNuggets - 5
Jr. Hamburger-6
Chicken Grill Sandwich-9.5
Homestyle Chick Go Wrap-9
Ultimate Chick Grill Fillet-3.5
Chocolate Frosty Small -8.5
Seasonal Fresh Fruit -1.5

White Castle
Cheeseburger -4
Sweet Pot Fries-11.5
Cinnamon Sauce-3.5

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