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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Helpful list of foods eaten regularly

In the last few weeks we have talked about keeping a list of foods eaten on a regular basis in the 3month tracker, here is one list:
1 c cherrioes 3pt plus
4oz Activia yogurt 2 pt plus
1 slice Iron Kids bread 2 pt plus
1 Can tuna in olive oil 6 pt plus
1 can tuna
1/2 C skim milk 1pts plus
1 C skim milk 2pts plus
WW smoothie pack 2 pts plus
Almonds 26-roasted 4 pts plus
1/3 C 2 % cheddar cheese 2 pts plus
1/2 C Navy, Pinto, kidney, red,
great northern beans 2pts plus
ground beef 95% lean 1/2 C or
2oz 2pts plus
round steak trimmed 3oz 4pts plus
t-bone steak, trimmed 3oz 5pts plus
sirloin steak, trimmed 2oz 2pts plus
sirloin steak, trimmed 4oz 5pts plus
pork sirloin trimmed 3oz 4pts plus
potato white 7oz cooked 4pts plus
potato white cooked 1 C 3pts plus

Please if you have a list be sure and share!
Have a Happy!!!

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